The land is dry, the river bed retracting like veins pulled down from the surface of skin – the clouds are ripped apart by the rays of sunlight. Closing my eyes I can feel the radiation, the red glow of the sun shining through my eye lids, a cool breeze runs across my face.  IContinue reading “Veins”

Air con

I dig into the earth with my fingers, the soil and moisture feeds its way into my pours and takes shelter underneath my nails. I know this isn’t real. The soil is soaked with rain water, roots uprooted and micro insects flee from the disruption I’ve caused to their universe. I know that this isContinue reading “Air con”

A bar in Singapore

At a bar in Singapore Zanzibar Hotel I spoke to a man wearing a pale green suit, striped tie hanging loose and a silver hair slicked back behind his ears. His lapel displayed a LCD badge that flipped through a series of slogans, “Leave us alone.” “Don’t tread on me”, “ACAB”. I wish I wasContinue reading “A bar in Singapore”

Virtual Anthropoids

The last couple days I have been working on a collaborative exhibition with a friend and felt that some of these needed a reexamine – dusted off like old photographs. What did they believe then and what do we believe now? Have their dreams come true? “Enrich – visualise – merge – scaling”, “appropriate design”.Continue reading “Virtual Anthropoids”

my life is my ship

What time is it? I looked at my watch but my mind was too scattered to register what I was seeing. One hand facing one way and the other facing an entirely different direction. Next to those two hands was a smaller, thinner hand that ticked along without a care for anything else. The watchContinue reading “my life is my ship”

Setting the scene

I. Act 1. Scene 1. EXT – DEEP SPACE – YEAR ‘2019’ We start with an empty blackness, void of light and sound, we are in deep space. Slowly we see that we are not still but in fact moving at an incredible pace forwards through this borderless space, we know this by the whizzingContinue reading “Setting the scene”

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